Mastery of your business now.

Squares intelligently manage all the current operations of supply, inventory management, bookkeeping, accounting, sales ...

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About Squares

Squares, the only solution that saves you from software over-equipment and the stress of conventional management.

Since time is money, mastery of human and material resources, also guarantees growth. So spend your time thinking about the performance.

Innovative services to local customers.

Your catalog will gain in mobility and dynamism. Alone or with a seller, your activity runs without interruption.

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Optimized management

All the dashboards of your business are instantly updated to provide you with instant information on the progress of your activity.

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How was your management before ?

Save time and money

Easily accessible digital catalog. No more balance issues, counterfeit notes

Measure performance

Individual or collective file of personnel and products / services.

Anticipate customer needs

Client portfolio and monitoring their habits at all points of sale.

Control your business in real time

Integrated remote management.

Optimize the visibility of your products and services

Possibility to switch to e-commerce mode with one click.

Benefit from sustained support

After sales assistance provided until complete transition.


Our Client Loves US

Nguenang Gwladys

Web developper

This system is really fine at a technical level, its fluidity and speed when it comes to real use is really reassuring.

Talla Gaetan

Directeur de Perla

Since its deployment in my establishment, I have more control over everything, it gives me new possibilities to manage my business.

New configuration and scalability for hyperactive managers

Now your business stays close to you all over the world.

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Activation of notifications

Schedule alerts on stocks, periods of low performance.

Adaptability to supports

Transcending the barriers linked to the availability of equipment; an internet connection is enough.

System customization

Configure your solution at your ease according to your size, your geographic distribution, the diversity of your activity.

How to have squares by me ?

Contact us now and discover your new working environment.

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Price list


Recommended for small shops

  • 1 specialized tablet
  • 1 portable printer
  • Training offered
  • Software license 50000 / Year


Recommended for les VSME

  • 2 specialized tablets
  • 1 portable printer
  • Training offered
  • Software license 5000 / Month


Recommended for SME

  • 4 specialized tablets
  • 2 portable printers
  • Training offered
  • Business features
  • Free software license the first year then 5000 / Month


Recommended for large activities

  • 10 specialized tablets
  • 5 portable printers
  • 1 touch screen LED
  • Training offered
  • Business + features
  • Free software license for 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a delivery take ?

On average, we take 1 week to configure your equipment, your environment.

Vous gérez aussi la livraison des fournisseur ?

Yes, indeed you can fill in your stocks by specifying the supplyer and associate certain details with it.